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Colombian rider Ricardo Ovalle being fed bocadillo during the Vuelta a Colombia in the early 60’s. Photo by Horacio Gil Ochoa 

Bocadillos are Colombia’s original energy bar. For generations Colombian cyclists have added one or two bocadillos to their jersey pockets before going for a ride. Now, thanks to Lucho Dillitos, you too can experience the great taste of this natural energy source. 

A bar and gel rolled into one, bocadillos are solid blocks of delicious guava paste that are dry to the touch but melt in your mouth. Each block is a natural and tasty way of getting an important energy boost. They are small and stash easily in pockets, they won’t melt or stick together. 

There are only two ingredients in Classic Lucho Dillitos, both are 100% natural; Guava (85%) and Sugar (15%). Nothing else - no additives, no preservatives or flavouring. Even the individual packaging is natural: Lucho Dillitos come wrapped in a biodegradable dry leaf!

The main ingredient of Lucho Dillitos is Guava, considered by many a super-fruit, packed with vitamins and minerals as well as being a great source of natural energy. 


Lucho Dillitos are not just for cyclists, they are enjoyed by all types of athletes. Our customers include triathletes, obstacle course and trail runners, climbers, hikers, kayakers and surfers.


Back in the early 1980’s Colombian cycling made its first big impact on the world stage with teams competing in the Tour de France and other big European races. They raced with bocadillo in their jersey pockets, which became a symbol of the tenacity and stubbornness that propelled Colombian cyclists to the very forefront of the sport. 

One cyclist in particular stood out - Luis ‘Lucho’ Herrera. In 1985 he became the first rider from a non european country to win the famous ’polka dot’ climbers jersey in the Tour de France, a win he repeated two years later. He scored another first in 1987 when he won the Vuelta a España becoming the first South American to win a grand tour. By the time he retired he had also become, along with Spaniard Federico Bahamontes, one of only two riders to date to win the ‘King of the Mountains’ jersey in all 3 grand tours. 

When it came time to create our brand of bocadillo it was natural for us to want to celebrate this history by naming it Lucho Dillitos (little Luchos) in honour of Lucho Herrera and his groundbreaking performances.

Colombian cyclists are again in the forefront of the cycling world, winning Grand Tours and some of the biggest races in the world, still powered by bocadillo ! 


The secret is finally out. 


Proudly brought to the Benelux market by Nutrisport

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